Welcome to The Essence of Water.   I’m Peter Freilinger, the site administrator.  I write what I think are now called “personal essays”, although I occasionally veer into travel essays or discussions of books or the like.  Mostly, I write about the process and experience of being human, with a focus on the unique role of places and history in our lives in a world that seems determined to erase all traces of either.

I’m joined by others, who write both comments and essay posts themselves, who also are trying to explore the human experience.  Sometimes we see it in art, sometimes we see it in nature, and we always see it in the created human world.  We are not going to solve anything, and most of the essays here have no end point, no punchline.  They are works in progress – and hopefully you, the reader, see your own life as a work in progress and also are trying to engage in the process of being human yourselves as a thoughtful and ongoing project.

For me, I’m mostly fascinated by what used to be called moral philosophy.  Not morality per se, because that fixes a point – and that’s not what I wish to do.  But I’m looking to engage in a conversation with readers about what kind of philosophy – or maybe more precisely, what epistemology – we can discover amongst ourselves to effect a real conversation about our various, infinite potential moralities.  You decide what is right, but let’s discuss it, and let’s work together to sound out approaches of what it is to be right as an individual in a connected, multidimensional world that extends beyond any of us.

On that score – the writers here are not seeking to just convince themselves of their own wisdom.  We are also keen to listen to others who share the same interest in the experience of being human in an objectively non-human world.  It’s great to have other authors and commenters add to the flow – so read carefully and enjoy a range of writers.  We all think about the same things, but we don’t think about them in the same way at all. Challenge us to think differently.

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All the authors here share their views without constraint but with respect and civility, and we invite you to share your own views only subject to the same.  Please share with others, and give us your thoughts.